Lessons Learned @ Oracle. What’s next?

“Why Oracle?” Those were the exact two words of my hiring manager in June of 2005. Today, 11 years later, I know why. The entrepreneurial spirit, the endless curiosity to learn & grow, and the spirit of experimentation fostered by Oracle’s unique culture creates an air of excitement and anticipation about the future. Oracle is an […]

My First 365 Days at Databricks

Though celebrating 1 year anniversary, have been binge watching Databricks for the last 5.5 years (out of its 9-year existence) when I came close to joining Databricks but decided to join AWS (Amazon Web Services) instead. Now, when trying to connect the dots back together, it all made sense. The lessons learned at AWS for […]

Still Day 1!

After 1,601 Day 1s, 4 roles, 9 managers, 7,284 customer engagements, traveling 6 countries (pre-COVID), it is time to move to the next adventure. Today, serves as my last day at Amazon. It all started with a conversation with my business school professor who researches strong culture organizations and wrote the HBR case study on the topic […]

Building a competitive intelligence flywheel using data and artificial intelligence

Innovation often comes from the convergence of two industry trends into one category, making a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. That’s what Databricks did – converged all of its data, analytics, and artificial intelligence experiences into one platform, creating a well-differentiated Lakehouse category that has since been enthusiastically taken up […]