Meet Mayur Palta

A Silicon Valley Maverick Technologist, Entrepreneur, Author, Philanthropist, and Investor!


Meet Mayur Palta

As a Harvard Alumnus and former leader at technology giants like Amazon Web Services, Databricks, Oracle, HP, and Dell EMC, Mayur is not just another tech guru. He’s a visionary strategist who’s passionate about AI & Data’s impact, a competitive strategist, board member, best selling author, and investor.

From leading Fortune 500 giants to fueling cutting-edge startups, his insights on converging Data and AI with competitive strategy are transforming the business world. Dive into the mind of the man who’s penning the future of competitive strategy. Discover Mayur Palta, the best-selling author and speaker who’s making waves and empowering underprivileged children along the way. Mayur coined the term “Competitive Intelligence Flywheel”, Outcompete operating system, and Co-opetition tenets.

His ground-breaking best selling book on technology competition, Outcompete, was published by Amazon in 2023. Mayur is well quoted and frequently interviewed in media outlets. Mayur frequently receives accolades and awards from various independent organizations as one of the top technology competition thought leaders and voice in the world.  This is your chance to exchange ideas with the mastermind revolutionizing technology and competitive intelligence.



Mayur Palta

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Elevate your organization’s competitiveness and performance by scheduling a 30-minute or 60-minute call with Allie, an award-winning competitive strategy leader, advisor, and investor. Drawing from his extensive experience at Amazon, Dell EMC, Oracle, Databricks, Mayur will share valuable insights on competitive strategy, effective outcompeting the competition, and scaling your business. Seize this opportunity to access tailored advice from a seasoned professional in the competitive strategy field, empowering you to steer your business towards a successful, more agile future. Follow the link below to book an advising session with Mayur. To inquire about a larger consulting opportunity (more than one hour or requires preparation), please email