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Crush Your Competition and Unlock Success

Course Description:Your Ultimate Competitive Strategy Course! Spot on case studies, lectures, and interactive resources.

Course Length: 1 hour and 1 minute

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What you'll learn

  • How to get a grip on your competition?
  • How to get over your competitive frustrations like losing business to competitors, declining market share, and having no clue about competitors moves?
  • How to leverage a practical method for achieving competitive advantage you have always envisioned?
  • How to crafting your own competitive strategy with actionable insights and guidance from real-world hard learned competitive lessons?
  • How to build your own competitive intelligence flywheel?
  • How to build a win loss program at your company?
  • Hands-on approach to practicing competitive intelligence including case studies, learning by doing, and thought leadership.


Most business leaders face similar competitive frustrations – losing business to competitors, declining market share, and being uninformed about frequent changes in the competitive landscape.

You’re taking this course because you want to compete effectively and win. You already may have some wins under your belt, and now you’re ready to win more. However, with this big challenge comes a new set of obstacles; what worked in the past may not work anymore. What got you here may not get you there.

What if I told you that by taking this course and applying its structured model, learnings, and core principles, you could put all your competition-related frustrations to rest? That you could strengthen your organization’s competitive muscle to creating lasting success?

Put this system to work and you will accomplish all of the above, just as some of the billion dollar companies and lean but mighty startups have been doing for years.

This course is based on real-world experience, practical hard learned wisdom, and timeless truths. Most importantly, it works. Through hands-on experience, I have developed a practical but thorough method to help you outcompete and outsmart your top competitors.

If you’re like most entrepreneurs or business leaders, you’re probably experiencing one of the three common frustrations:

1. Losing business to competitors. You’re frustrated about losing business to competitors and the revenue gap due to competitive losses is growing. Your market share is declining. 

2. Lack of awareness. You’ve no clue about which direction your top competitors are marching towards. It is becoming increasingly difficult to make sense of the rapidly changing competitive landscape. 

3. Lack of organizational readiness. You’re frustrated with your field sales, product, marketing, and partners. They don’t seam to understand your competitive differentiation and are always seeking discounts to undercut the competition, negatively eroding your profit margins. 

4. Revenue stagnation. Your revenue growth has stalled. You’re concerned either the market is slowing down or you are losing to competitors that you don’t even know yet. You feel overwhelmed and unsure of what to do next. 

5. Nothing’s working. You’ve tried a number of things with strategic initiatives and competitive readiness efforts. None worked and the efforts had no material impact on your ability to compete effectively and win.

In this course “Getting Started with Competitive Intelligence”, you’ll get introduced to The Outcompete Operation System (O2S). O2S is the Oxygen for your Competitive Strategy and is a practical method for achieving competitive advantage you have always envisioned. You will learn the secrets of strengthening the four key components of your competitive strategy. You’ll discover a simple yet powerful way to outsmart the competition that will give you and your leadership team more confidence, higher win rates, and more peace of mind. Successful companies are applying this Outcompete every day to run profitable and frustration-free businesses in hypercompetitive industries- and you can too.

Who this course if for:

1. Founders in High Technology interested in getting a grip on their competition.

2. Business Leaders Operating in Hypercompetitive Markets. Whether you are a Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Chief Product Officer (CPO), Sales Strategy leader

3. Head of Market & Competitive Intelligence (CI)/Strategy



  • No prior business strategy or competitive intelligence experience required. You will learn everything you need to learn.

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